Keeping Kitty Fit And Happy

The independent nature of cats lead them to basically do what they want to do and on their own time table. Most felines are active creatures that enjoy watching, stalking, chasing and pouncing on anything they tend to see as prey. Climbing and leaping are all part of the equation when it comes to the motion of cats. Providing an opportunity for indoor pets to exercise, especially during the long winter months, is good for them mentally and physically. An added benefit of ensuring that cats have adequate play time and appropriate objects to play on is saving the family furniture from being used as a scratching post. 

A piece of furniture designed specifically for felines such as a cat tower can provide hours of playtime and exercise for cats of all ages. Made of wood that has been finished to be scratch resistant, most have multiple tiers including platforms that offer lounging areas and play space for pets. Tall enough to give a cat reason to jump and leap from level to level and a scratching board to entice them to the tower, as opposed to that expensive sofa, add to appeal for both felines and their owners. A motorized option that spins feathered toys around for the cats enjoyment, plus a box that has holes for them to poke their paws through and attack items, gives them plenty of opportunity to practice their hunting skills. 

Cats that get enough exercise and stimulating play-time get tired out not bored; which saves belongings and your sanity from a pet that is constantly pestering to be entertained. There are many toys on the market designed specifically for cats that will provide fun and exercise for that feisty feline. Small balls with noise makers inside that cats love to roll around with their paws, feather teasers on a stick for the cat to bat at and laser pointers with a beam of light can make play fun for both of you. If the family cat is a chow hound the use of treats as encouragement to get up and move around works. Walk around the house and let the cat watch you place a few treats different places like on their cat tower, behind a chair or on a window sill. For food motivated cats this will be a fun treasure hunt for their favorite treats and get them up and moving in the process. 

Catnip is very enticing to pets and giving them toys stuffed with the herb, or growing some of the plant in your kitchen window to have on hand, gets most cats bounding around the house. Tie just about anything to a piece of string and drag it along the floor. An old sock, a small ball or even a crumpled up ball of paper will work, and chances are the cat will be up and running after it within seconds. With the feline love for the big chase, an old remote-controlled toy that a child no longer plays with or a motorized toy made specifically for cats will supply them with hours of entertainment. Equipping your home with a stylish and sturdy cat tower for your feline friends will accommodate their need for leaping, lounging, scratching and hunting. Arranging enough stimulation and exercise options for your pet will keep them satisfied and help them to live a long and healthy life.

What To Expect When You Buy A Cat

Many people are interested in getting a pet but do not know how big of a commitment it would be, and thus are hesitant to purchase one. The idea of being responsible for another living thing can be very scary for people and may turn them off to the thought of buying a pet. If you are a person who has always loved cats, but are unsure if you want one because you are unsure of how much responsibility it will be, read on to find out more about what owning a cat is all about.

The great thing about cats is that they are fairly low maintenance animals. They do not require nearly as much work as other animals, and if you do not feel that you have the time to give them extra attention, they are generally fine with being left to their own devices. There are a few things, however, that you will have to do to ensure that your potential cat stays happy and healthy. 

The first, and probably the most important, thing to know about owning a cat is related to feeding your cat. When you buy a cat, it is recommended that you ask a vet or a worker at a local pet store what type of food they would recommend for your cat. Considerations that go into choosing a cat food is the size of your cat, the age of your cat, the nutrients and ingredients in the food, the price you are willing to pay for cat food, and the level of activity your cat generally has. As a general rule of thumb, make sure that the food you pick for your cat is heavily protein based, as opposed to grain based. As far as how much to feed your cat, usually cats will regulate themselves. You will likely be able to simply fill your cat’s food dish whenever it is empty and give it no more thought than that. If your cat becomes overweight with this feeding regimen, schedule regular feeding times with serving sizes found on the bag.

The second thing to think about after what and when to feed your cat is litter box training your cat. Cats are known to be easy to litter box train, meaning they will go to the bathroom in a litter box. If you decide to buy an adult cat, you can look for one that is already litter box trained. If you would like to buy a kitten, it is very easy to litter box train them yourself. Because cats have a natural inclination to bury their waste, it is likely that all you will have to do is place them in their litter box. If they start digging around, it is likely that they already understand the concept. If they do not, try moving their paws in a digging motion to help them get the hang of it. If your cat shows signs of needing to produce waste, take them to their litter box. Be sure to clean the litter box daily and replace all the litter weekly.

After feeding and litter training, the last important thing to think about is making your cat happy. Make sure you have the capacity to love and care for an animal. You can buy toys like a cat tower, toy mouse, or yarn ball. A healthy, playful cat is well worth the work.

Luxury Pet Beds For Dogs And Cats

We all love our pets and like to spoil them. What better way than with a cool pet bed or feeder Would you want to sleep on the cold floor or ground Neither does your pet. Most pets prefer something soft to lie on and Montana Showcases cool pet beds are the perfect bed for your pet. They are country and make a great addition to any cabin or mountain home. Made from natural wood, these log beds are the perfect way to ruin your loved pet. These beds are good for dogs or cats. If you've got both, you might like to get 2 so there will be no fighting!

What's finer way to complement the log pet bed with a log pet feeder These truly add charm to that mountain, log, or country home. Human beds can be hard for your pet to jump up on. These pet beds are the best solution, especially for older dogs. Select from dark stained wood to natural white wood, depending on your decor. Dark is nice for mountain and log homes while white is excellent for that country home.

Your older dog will really appreciate the heat and comfort of these beds. It helps with osseous rheumatism, sore back and other illnesses. Make your pet feel just like a part of the family and also accent any log furniture you may have.

While you are pampering your pet, why not cosset yourself and add a log cup holder to round it off The log cup holder will hold 8 cups and compliment your pet feeder.
Pet feeders are very good as they keep your pets food off the floor and are accented with handcrafted wood with stainless-steel bowls. What a terrific way to show your pet that he is adored.
So go ahead, spoil your favorite pet while dressing up your home. Your pet will appreciate it and also improve the look of your home. A rustic home is a warm home – a home that folk enjoy visiting and can,t wait to return to.

Montana Showcase has cabin furniture and decor for you and your pets like designer pet beds.