Himalayan cats

Himalayan cats is an breed of long haired felines .These cats are wanted because they look very nice . Through breeding of Siamese and Persian cats they were introduced in the US in or about 1930 .The reason they were breed was to get cats with the nice long hair of Persian and the pretty pointy ears of the Siamese .In European countries these cats are also known as the Colorpoint Persian .  At birth the Himalayan is lightly colored . In time the distinctive markings develope on the cats face, limbs, ears and tail .It’s believed the cause of these markings are from difference in temperature between the trunk and other extremities .Normal colors for these cats are blue ,brown ,chocolate,flame,and red(ish) .Their fur coat is long and often thick and warm .These cats are build solid with short limbs and strong large pawns . Their head is big with small ears and a short neck .These felines have bright big round eyes .

Himalayan cat

Because of their extreme long hair ,these Himalayan cats have more hairballs then your average house cat ,and requires regular grooming and bathing .Their flattened nose can obstruct breathing at times and compresses their tear ducts , which causes watery eyes with some cats . Their watery eyes can require regular face wiping, and their fur coat can cause the need for daily brushing . After decades of inbreeding to create the Himalayan cats as we know them has caused for genetic defects often resulting in organ failures , the most know defect with these cats is Polycystic kidney disease (PKD) .

The Himalayan cats are generally speaking laid back and quite peaceful .They often bond with their owners and develop a close bond with them .Despite the flaws ,like the long fur ,they are social with their owners .The effort these cats require to keep them doesn’t  stop people from wanting these delightful social cats , and well worth the effort !

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