Inexpensive Ways To Entertain Your Cats

Most cats are easily entertained, but sometimes cats can feel like the most most unlikely crowd to delight. If your cat has a natural poker face, it can make your feline buddy seem like nothing will please them at certain times. Against this, you might have a cat that is conscientious and fascinated by the socialness of the home or a combination of cats that have mixed interest, depending on the people and ambiance. These are some cheap methods to entertain cats.

Brown Paper Bags

For kitty lovers that hear the expression “Who let the cat out of the bag?” it is less of an idiom for revealing secrets and more of an eye roll that yes, cats tend to always find their way into in several different sorts of bags and like to dash out in an excitable demeanour. Just like kids seem to find more interest in the box the toy comes in, cats appear to love crawling into paper bags.

To improve your cat’s paper bag diving experience, consider make a pair holes in different parts of the bag where the cat can peek out and see what is going on in the house from the security of the paper disguise.

If you want to give your cat its own indubitable fort, take 2 brown paper bags and cut the bottom off one of them. Slide the bag over the other bag so your cat now has an extra-long tunnel. Make sure you put the bag away at night unless you would like the wonderful sound of crinkling and diving as you try to sleep.

Anything That Dangles

String, yarn, shoelaces, ribbon, folded invisible tape – about anything will excite your cat’s hunter instincts if it moves enough. If you want to encourage your cat to play with string rather more, consider sewing something and making the thread extremely clear. It will have a double effect of enticing your cat to win over your attention from your current project while also playing with the string.

Feet in the Sheets

Put your cat’s curiosity and hunter skills to work by moving your feet around underneath the bed sheets like a mole in the ground. Adding a comforter or thick blanket with a smooth surface to the mix makes your feet better to notice and more fun for your pussy-cat to attack. Ensure your cat’s nails are trimmed or you’ll feel just like your feet are exact prey.

Sally Cathy writes cat articles for Experts123.

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