Luxury Pet Beds For Dogs And Cats

We all love our pets and like to spoil them. What better way than with a cool pet bed or feeder Would you want to sleep on the cold floor or ground Neither does your pet. Most pets prefer something soft to lie on and Montana Showcases cool pet beds are the perfect bed for your pet. They are country and make a great addition to any cabin or mountain home. Made from natural wood, these log beds are the perfect way to ruin your loved pet. These beds are good for dogs or cats. If you've got both, you might like to get 2 so there will be no fighting!

What's finer way to complement the log pet bed with a log pet feeder These truly add charm to that mountain, log, or country home. Human beds can be hard for your pet to jump up on. These pet beds are the best solution, especially for older dogs. Select from dark stained wood to natural white wood, depending on your decor. Dark is nice for mountain and log homes while white is excellent for that country home.

Your older dog will really appreciate the heat and comfort of these beds. It helps with osseous rheumatism, sore back and other illnesses. Make your pet feel just like a part of the family and also accent any log furniture you may have.

While you are pampering your pet, why not cosset yourself and add a log cup holder to round it off The log cup holder will hold 8 cups and compliment your pet feeder.
Pet feeders are very good as they keep your pets food off the floor and are accented with handcrafted wood with stainless-steel bowls. What a terrific way to show your pet that he is adored.
So go ahead, spoil your favorite pet while dressing up your home. Your pet will appreciate it and also improve the look of your home. A rustic home is a warm home – a home that folk enjoy visiting and can,t wait to return to.

Montana Showcase has cabin furniture and decor for you and your pets like designer pet beds.

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