Natural Treatments Offer Hope For Cats With FIV

Every year, 1000’s of cats are recognized with Feline AIDS, also referred to as the Feline Immunodeficiency Virus or FIV. This probably life-threatening illness attacks and impairs the immune system, leaving contaminated animals susceptible to a variety of infections. Even a seemingly harmless head cold can pose severe risks for these cats.You can get Cats food and Throws from, and while applying don’t forget to use petsmart coupons 2012 to get discounts.

The identify “Feline AIDS” inspires worry within the hearts of many pet owners. However, this illness just isn’t the same virus that infects humans.

FIV is species specific, affecting only cats. Furthermore, it isn’t easily spread among the many feline population. Deep, penetrating bite wounds like these exchanged by un-neutered males during fights are the commonest technique of transmission, and some evidence suggests that moms can go the illness to their unborn kittens. Infected cats can share litter pans and meals dishes with their housemates with out spreading the disease.

Because conventional veterinary medication would not supply a “cure” for Feline AIDS, effectively-that means veterinarians typically suggest euthanasia as a main course of action. Others attempt to treat contaminated cats with aggressive programs of prescription drugs, together with steroids, interferon, AZT, and antibiotics. This strategy is problematic, as each of those medications can produce substantial unwanted effects and further suppress the immune system – the very last thing an immune compromised animal can afford.

While medical remedies for Feline AIDS are considerably restricted, natural therapies provide a variety of benefits. Vitamin supplements, homeopathy and herbals, for example, can bolster an ailing cat’s immune system, even throughout the superior levels of the disease. Most of those products are affordable and accessible at any health meals store.

Comprehensive dietary diet can also be essential for cats with FIV. Protecting them healthy on a weight-reduction plan of commercial pet food is extremely troublesome, as these meals are nutritionally insufficient and laden with harmful colorings, preservatives, and inferior meat sources.

Many holistic practitioners advocate raw meat for cats with Feline AIDS. Some pet house owners query the protection of a uncooked food plan, but FIV+ cats typically thrive on this wealthy, whole food nutrition. Unlike people, animals are designed to soundly digest uncooked meals as they would in the wild.

Although natural remedies have proven efficient, anyone caring for an FIV+ cat ought to maintain a very good relationship with a skilled medical vet. Immune compromised cats typically require IV’s, oral cleanings, and different supportive care. Pet owners should exercise warning, nonetheless, as some common medical therapies – corresponding to vaccinations – pose a menace to cats with FIV.

Cats receiving pure treatments often take pleasure in a top quality of life for a few years, however there are occasions when euthanasia is the compassionate choice for animals within the throws of superior Feline AIDS. The underside line is that a prognosis of FIV isn’t an automated death sentence.

Thomas Hapka is a freelance author and graduate of the College of Wisconsin-Whitewater. He discovered of FIV in 1995 when his cat, Jac, was diagnosed. Since then, he has consulted with a whole lot of pet owners. His purchasers have spanned 9 countries and included two American zoos. His website online,, has obtained more than 80,000 visitors. Hapka has been featured in the magazines Australian Nationwide Cat, Cat’s Life, and Animal Wellness. He is presently enrolled on the British Institute of Homeopathy USA, pursuing a level in veterinary homeopathy.

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