Scratching Post

In the point of view of one’s pet cat, clawing on furnishings is all-natural behaviour despite the fact that out of your point of view, it really is destructive behaviour. Clawing can be a cat biological need to have of keeping its claws in top shape and providing a type of shoulder, leg and paw stretching and retracting exercising. 
A scratching post might be the answer to your pet cat scratching woes. A scratching post should be, at the quite least, as tall as your pet standing on its hind legs. It has to be sturdy, not wobbling as pressure is applied to it by your cat. It have to by no means be fluffy and has to be rough and course like a tree bark. A cat wants a scratching post to become challenging. The top scratching posts could be those with sisal fibre rope wound about them. Bear in mind the scratchier a post is, the improved.
For owners with significant homes or upstairs and downstairs places, it truly is suggested to have much more than one scratching posts. Focus on the areas from the home where your pet cat spends most of its time in. A scratching post situated near your favourite sofa or chair will be much more enticing to your pet cat than any other region of your dwelling.
An ideal scratching post to get a cat will be a tree log full with bark. Just make certain that the tree log is completely clean, and no cost of insects. Tree logs are finest positioned within a spot near the back door or even a cat door, as an object of enticement for your pet.
It may take time for you to encourage your pet to utilize it in spot of the furniture. You must situation your cat to utilize it more than anything else for scratching. Rubbing catnip or spray catnip oil onto the post could make the scratching post a lot more inviting for your cat to scratch on. Scratching posts are but a handful of with the cat furnishings obtainable at Kitty

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