Similarities And Differences Between American And British Shorthair Cats

Though you may not realize it, there is a difference between American Shorthair cats and British Shorthair cats. To compare both breeds, you must first glance at the history of them.

British shorthair cats originated from the British domestic shorthair or Moggie, as they were called. In the latter 1800’s, controlled breeding brought them into what is now called the British Shorthair. The coat of these pussies is terribly dense and plush, allowing them to accommodate the Brit weather. Their voices are also awfully quiet and gentle.

American Shorthair pussies are middle sized and have a powerful body. The head is broad and round and the ears are middle-sized and set wide apart. These moggies were considered as working pussies, used to catch mice when originally brought to America (and called “mousers”). Their eyes are round and set far apart in keeping with the broad head. The coat on the American shorthair cat is thought to be all weather and is not as dense or silky as their British shorthair counterparts.

The North American shorthair moggy is assumed to have been brought to America from Europe with the original settlers. There are records of shorthair cats being on the Mayflower and might have been amongst the 1st domestic pussies in The USA. Only in the 20th century did this cat transform from a trifling domestic cat to a pedigreed type and is now a recognized moggy breed.

Both American and British Shorthair cat body types are called semi-cobby. Cobby means compact, squat, heavy boned, well muscled, short and wide. They've also got a distinctive shorter tail. They are believed to be low maintenance pussies in contrast to the longer haired type moggies and evolve well to their environment. They can easily live in homes and meander outdoors or in apartments living inside full time. They are quiet and keep themselves to themselves though they can be highly loving to their owners.

They are excellent for a family environment and live well with children. Low keyed and laid back, they have the ideal personalities for this type of living.

The North American shorthair cat was recognised in 1906 by the CFA and known as the Domestic Shorthair. It’s name was altered to the North American shorthair between 1960 and 1966.

British shorthairs are amazing cats, and they make wonderful additions to the family. If you happen to be looking for a British shorthair kitten for sale, or you wish to watch kitten videos, go to

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