Why You’ll Love Cats

All kinds of animals can now be seen being kept as pets.A lot of people now enjoy keeping the more exotic ones.But the classics are still popular.

Among these classics are kitties.Keeping these feline friends has been a long tradition dating back to the earliest civilizations.Egyptians even believed that these creatures are mystic and even considered them as deities.

There are a lot of reasons why people shout “I love cats”.These furry friends can bring a lot of joy to anyone.The following are some of the reasons why you just got to love these kitties:

1. Playful-felines are playful by nature.Their curiousity can lead them into a lot of silly antics.They can play with balls of yarn and anything that catches their eyes.And oftentimes you would find them stuck in a funny situation like their heads getting stuck in a paper bag.Being playful would surely amuse you in so many ways.

2. Clean-kitties are clean creatures.Though they can get dirty from play you’d often find them licking themselves to clean up.When they take a dump they also make sure that it is all covered up.So if you just provide them with a sandbox you won’t have any problems cleaning up their mess.

3. Low maintenance-you don’t need to spend a lot on your kitties.You can make the kitty sleep in a box or basket.Cat food is not that expensive too.Neither do you have to visit the vet often.

4. Affectionate- catscan be very loving pets.They’d often rub themselves against you and purr.They enjoy wrapping themselves around people.cat lovers say their kitties can feel when they are down or blue and would often try to give them some comfort.

Now, of course, you’re not going to play romance games with your cats. It wouldn’t a bad idea to start taking natural sleep aids though since you might be deprived of sleep. Another thing would be to develop some hobby ideas that can keep you busy.

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